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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
One thing that's great when the kids get teenage is that they're old enough to split wood. My older son (16) is ready to do manly chit so he likes to split wood. I just cooked 130# of butts this weekend, I didn't swing the maul once, and there's plenty wood left over.

I love days when I have time to use the offset, and I also love having verticals & kettles for when time doesn't allow for tending a fire all day. My preference is stickburning, but I just don't have the time to do it as often as I'd like. A beautiful day with the Klose chugging along is a glorious thing indeed.
gotta love free labor

Originally Posted by JokerBroker View Post
Generally speaking, I agree with most of everyone's points of view on this thread but this particular observation may only hold true with offsets that aren't designed as well as they could be. I always preheat my splits by placing them to the side of the fire. This is easier to do when you have a large firebox. Once it's preheated and its time to add to the fire, I can plop it on the coal bed and walk away. There is no need to adjust vents, make sure the wood catches (because it always does), and the temp hardly fluctuates at all because 1/4" plate holds the heat so well. It takes a concentrated effort to move my temps up or down once they are stabile. The only thing I have to watch out for is waiting too long to add another split because the temps will hold for a while even after the fire is almost out.
if I do that, with my vents half open, the temp will go from 250 to 400 in a matter of minutes. mine definitely needs management.

Originally Posted by Beentown View Post
We just did it this week. Chuckies with and without wood.

Everyone could tell.

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what was the "without wood" option - charcoal? which was preferred. We need more info.

Originally Posted by pjtexas1 View Post
if your wood is seasoned and the offset is designed properly you can just put a stick in and walk away. i only need 1 small stick every 40 minutes or so. if i want to go longer i will add 2 sticks and let the temp jump a little bit. i start with my intake and exhaust wide open and never touch them until it is time to put it away. most of the time i don't even open the fb door. i just push the sticks in thru the intake.

i get what you are saying about the wood just being lump once it burns down but to me the flavor i like comes from the smoke as it burns down into coals. that is why i tell people to add a green stick if they don't get enough smoke from their stick burners.

let's keep this thread going. i am loving everyone's comments.
Im going to cook with only wood embers one day. maybe not soon but Im going to do it. I have a feeling it will be unmatched. who knows though, until I test (any reason to cook right ?)

Originally Posted by jasonjax View Post
I love my stick burner.

The sticks are incredibly small though!

my boss has one of those. they seem very easy to cook on. hows the flavor
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