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Originally Posted by mikemci View Post
You can no longer fly the Texas flag at your place.
the cops just knocked on my door and asked to see my texas man card! :D

Originally Posted by JokerBroker View Post
Nothing ruins one's desire to cook with a stick burner like a COS. The truth is, it's not for everyone. Most of my friends think I am crazy to get it up in the middle of the night to tend to a fire. That is until they eat the food. What they don't understand is that I find enjoyment in the process but even I don't want to do it all of the time which is why I own a BGE. Both tools produce great BBQ but I take a lot of satisfaction in being able to cook with a wood fire. My best BBQ comes off of the stick burner according to everyone who eats it.
I agree with you. the cheap smokers are a handful to manage. I think the good stick burners are the huge ones like they use at restaurants where you can really load up the fire box and have it maintain temp. starting with 5 sticks- you add one its a 20% change, versus a small smoker where you have one stick going, add another one and you just doubled your BTUs

Originally Posted by BillN View Post
On the positive side you have so many options to produce the Que you love.
Well said

Originally Posted by Ed Embry View Post
Exactly my feelings. I started out with a Backwoods Party (still have) then a Fatboy, then a Pro Jr. One day I tasted some que that was cooked on a Gator and mine eyes were opened lol. Significantly better than what I had been cooking.
could it be grass is greener syndrome? charcoal smokers win comps too and I have a feeling if you had brisket from a top team using charcoal you might love it. the number two kcbs team this year cooks on DRUMS.

Originally Posted by kevin-ct View Post
First came the Big Green Egg. I was mad everyday that I had to goto work and not cook on the Egg. Then came the Lang, 8 cooks so far, still not 100% it's for me. Like it was said, you have to micromanage the sticks and temps. On the Egg, set it and walk away. Then the stick burner does give you the excuse that I can't do any house chores
Awesome excuse :)
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