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Originally Posted by Bentley View Post
Frist let me say I have try to look at the rules and I think this is allowed, if not deleate it.
Actually, a very good question and discussion.
Moderator's note--I did delete some off-topic and off-color posts.

Here is my take on chicken skin.
Judges reward "excellence"--at least I hope we do.
Chicken or poultry skin at "smoking temps" is a culinary challenge.
It takes a really talented cook to get it done to some sort of "bite through" state.
When they do, I reward them.
If it is "rubbery"--well, anyone can do that.
If they leave the skin off--well, they don't get any points for excellence in chicken from me--sorry.

The pic does appear "burned"--probably too much sugar in the sauce or rub.
Easy to correct, if she wants to.

Just an opinion.

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