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Originally Posted by Bentley
I tried boneless and skinless when I frist started. It just seems that you get a perception started with the judges that, like Bigmista said, you are not able to cook chicken "right" if it does not have skin on and bone in. I was taught to score the meat as presented, period. If that is with skin on I judge it that way. I will say if a team presents a peice of chicken to me with skin on I am going to take a bite with the skin and if it is rubbery ( and it usually is) I score it down. That is the way it is presented. I think most judges just avoid the skin and judge the peice that way and I think that is wrong. I just can't convince my sis to try it skinless, she says not only will it bias the judges on apperance, the apperance will bias their opinion of the taste. We do appeciate the input, please keep them coming, I am going to get her on the site tonight and have her read your responces, they are very insightfull and helpfull!
Well, I would say that in a perfect world, skin on and bone in chicken is probably best and I am sure that some guys have found a way to get it perfect everytime. I have not heard that judges score down a skinless peice of chicken simply based on that. I know a guy who has won many a competition in chicken cooking it skinless. Remember, the categories are apperance, taste, and texture/tenderness. Appearance is the lowest scoring category of the three and this is the only area where a judge would be able to dock you points if he was biased skin-on. I must admit that chicken is tough only because of the skin. Some guys have separate cookers simply for chicken, but me, I only have one and all my meat goes on it so I can't risk everything else to get crispy chicken skin. It's always like chewing a peice of velcro so i just eliminate it. If I was a judge and I saw 6 perfectly golden brown, smokey, shiney peices of chicken in a turn in box, I think I would hesitate slightly before giving poor marks simply because it was skinless. You might make a trial run on a sunday night and see what happens and what your team thinks.
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