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Originally Posted by SmokeInDaEye
* Tall tables make a heck of a difference. We brought standard wooden folding tables and realized after getting only 1/3 of the way through trimming all of the meat that bending that far over for long periods of time does terrible things to your back. I saw a lot of PVC extensions (legs inserted into pieces of PVC) and Bad Bones had some great expandable tables from Costco.

* Again, don't try to do everything yourself. Divide responsibilities, whether assigning each person a category of specific duties. Lay it out in advance and stick to it so you're not stepping on each other.

* Above all else, don't take it too seriously, at least out of the gate. I almost drove myself nuts after a bad showing instead of focusing on what did work, what we had overcome, and what we accomplished. One great showing (fifth in grilling on Sat) and one bad showing (37th on Sun) equals one average overall showing with a ton of great lessons, new friends and memories.

- Clint
This were all key for us in our first year, especially the last one. Our motto was "Have fun, don't come in last!" We competed in 3 contests and came in 3rd in the final two.

Be sure to walk around and talk to the other teams. Make friends and enjoy each other's company. Winning is great but I think I look forward to getting together with the friends I made more.
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