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Originally Posted by Bob C Cue View Post
I just figured out that if after you complete your smoking and you want do some fast grilling of steaks, burgers or veggies you have an option with the PBC. All you need to do is pick up an extra 18 in grate, place the fire basket on the main grate, and place the additional grate on top of the rebar. I have not done any grilling yet that way, but it seems like it would work fairly well. Thoughts?
EDIT:Might also work well for reverse sear of things like a tri tip.
Yes it will work fine. Just like my Big Poppa has a nest charcoal basket that with a hook pulls up and rests in upper U bolts. All I gotta do is pull the top grate, use the stainless hook rod it comes with...pull it up and replace my grate. It is great for reverse sear, plus lots of other ways to cook with it.

You can red neck your PB to do basically the same thing but it won't be a 22.5" and you have some more fiddling with stuff.

Just like i indirect cooked my peppers the other day but i used the outside zone.

Only use a low level of it gets insanely hot over the middle!!

My computer is broke so i can't show you some super sear pics..but you gotta be careful not too use to much charcoal.

Of course this is no problem for the PBJ because its also a grill with a high sear capability
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