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I'm agreeing with Phil... 3 Yes answers here. One thing I have learned over the years is that it's hard to go foul with sweet, at least in KCBS events within 225 miles of Kansas City. I have several sauces both homemade, and commercially available that I like- but judges don't. In Colorado, I've found the judges like a little heat with thier sweet!

I usually end up doctoring - to put a hint of flavors I like into what others like. Cattlemen's Gold is a good base, 4 Men and a Pig, Three little pigs.

If you want an idea what local judges in a new area might like, ask the grocer what the best selling sauce they have on the shelf is. It is pretty easily attainable info these days - thanks to bar code scanners. :o)
Use it as your base...
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