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Originally Posted by chad
All these insights are interesting but the fact remains that the expectation of the judges for the Brisket category is that the brisket will be sliced.
If this is true, then i would have to disagree with those judges. And KCBS classes needs to drill that home. The catagory is Brisket. Not Sliced brisket. Pork does not mean Pulled Pork, and Chicken does not mean thighs. It means in ANY FORM. As a judge, thats what I will expect and judge, and judge as presented. Pulled is judged as pulled and sliced as sliced. When judging, any predispositions of what I cook in my pit and put in my boxes will be left under my tent and NOT brought into the judges tent with me. <---- That is from a judges perspective.

Now, that being said, from the cooks perspective, I would be to chicken sh*t to turn in anything but sliced.
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