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So what's the deal? If the master judges are teaching the new judges that anything but sliced brisket is sub-par; isn't sliced brisket now the defacto standard for comp brisket?

In my limited experience--here is what I think.
All of this may be right or wrong, but...?

For Brisket in particular, the "Holy Grail" has traditionally been sliced, and "done to perfection".
As we all know, that is a high bar and hard to achieve for most of us "mere mortals".
I personally slice/chop/shred/pull to my hearts content at home.
In competetion, I want sliced to be the goal and "star" and that is what we turn in.
It may be supported or filled in with chopped/shredded for other reasons.
But, properly prepared sliced is the best I can do--(not that we are there yet)!

So, it becomes a matter of expectations and "how do we show off" for the Judges!

Under the rules, sure. All are allowed.
I am there to win, if possible.

And, there needs to be something to seperate the "others" from the championship level cooks who can cook and present at that level.

One of the many valuable lessons I learned from Ray Lampe at Arthur is "let others experiment with turn-ins". He wants to stand out with "this looks so good, I just cant wait to eat it!", or words to that effect.

So, until chopped/shredded becomes "mainstream"--everyone should do what they feel is right! Maybe the "standard" will change.


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