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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
If you only use commercial rubs, you ain't a cook. That may piss some people off, but IMO, good cooking is a journey -- no, it's an adventure -- it's certainly not a destination.
Okay, I'm going to bite on this one.

What about using "commercial meat?" Are you not a cook if you don't raise your own pigs? Heck go one step up and say are you not a cook because you don't butcher your own pigs? Why don't you do this, because you want to save time.

But since we are talking about rubs here. Are you not a cook if you don't grow your own spices? What about onion and garlic powder? They are very easy to make at home, but just take time. I know I've done it. Do are you not a cook if you don't make your own spices?

What about BBQ sauce or vinegar or heck all the other commercial products we all use when we cook.

So right now your scope of the journey is very narrow. I bet if you asked somebody 100 years ago what the journey was for cooking a pig it would be a much, much longer journey. So does that mean we aren't cooks, because we don't spend as long on our journey?

Your statement was pretty bold and I do take offense to it. Sorry but I do.

BTW, I know that wasn't directed at me but at everybody who uses rubs. So please take the post above from everyone who uses commercial products.

I also agree with your last statement, cooking is a journey and we all chose our own path to follow. Just because we choose a different route doen't mean we aren't hikers.
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