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Originally Posted by BigAl

When I traveled the country for GE, the best beef I ate was in states where cattle mostly ate corn. It is not so here, beef is tough here because they eat mostly brown weeds.

I live in farm country. The best beef, or pork for that matter, is the stuff raised for personal eatin, not the product raised for sale to market. Sorry Poo, but that fine eatin stuff in CryOvac comes from somewhere. Corn fed beef is so tender the table knife is not needed for T-bones.

Back on topic. I've got a 12# brisket rubbed for tomorrow's cook and I'm going to inject it with a mix of Jim Beam,Au Jus, garlic powder, butter, and contemplating on Kitchen Bouquet, the flavor is good but it is kind of dark and I don't want to discolor the brisket. Any suggestions?

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