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Well, some of you know that I've been stuck without a smoker or grill. I had a great idea for this throwdown also, and just didn't know what to do. During chocolate and churros tonight ecode suggested building a UDS. The neat thing about having a very talented wife is that she is able to whip together a UDS in a rather short period of time without any tools at all! In just a couple hours she not only built a UDS, but we had a throwdown entry all ready for submission! Granted, it's not a full-sized UDS. It may in fact be the smallest UDS in existence. The first job (and about my entire contribution) was getting a suitable drum. This I managed to do without too much difficulty. She even opened up the drum to get things prepped:

There was no room for a charcoal fire, so we improvised. I know some of you are thinking, "at least it isn't gas!" Others are thinking, "at least it isn't an Optigrill!"

A grill had to be custom-made to fit:

I assembled the ingredients, and especially the surprise:

Lit things up -- no waiting for things to come to temp on this baby!

Set everything on the UDS:

and grilled away:

You can see that things are coming along nicely now.

Oooooo, looks like a surprise!

But let's spread that on the cookie to make a tasty treat. ecode even let me use her new Birthday Throwdown Plate to take the picture!

Did I tell you this was a joint effort? Besides ecode, Smokey also helped. And what was that surprise?

Wow, who could ask for anything more?
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