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Ditto (once again) to everything DF said.

1. Take everything you own that relates to cooking.
2. Take everything else you own that relates to camping.
3. Then, take everything else that can be stuffed into the tow vehicles and the trailer.

At, and after, the meet make a list of what you really use and need.
Next time, leave all that extra crap at home

But, the first time ya gotta take it to learn!
If ya don't take it--ya will need it-guaranteed!

I know our packing list will go down by a bunch (a really huge bunch) the next time.

We also learned to pack much differently, although we "lost" very few items (except my "OFF" spray)

For example, a few larger ice chests (coolers) will work better that 187 small ones. Gotta make a WalMart trip to fix that.
Ya only need one set of cookware (tongs, brushes, knives, silverware, etc.)
Small stuff- but lessons learned.

Don't forget the XM radio! XM and the neighbors kept me functioning from midnight till DF came back on duty!

Great learning experience!
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