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Default *** ADMIN NOTE *** NO PICS DIDN'T HAPPEN? I call BS!

No pics.. Didn't happen. ?

Well, Maybe it did.

Lately, I've seen more and more comments,and even some that appeared to be a little bit on the harsh side regarding pictures, or lack of, in posts and threads.
I know, and I am sure no one here means this to be aynthing but some fun ribbing, but it can be misconstrued by or intimidating to new members, or it can be seen as just plain getting old by the established members.

We all love seeing the photos, but in this forum it is NOT a requirement.
If they are available, great, iof not, lets hear about it and let our imagination and creativity fill in the blanks.

What brought this about? Me, several times this something has happened to me, here in my own backyard, so I am sure it is happening to others. I kept quiet for a while figuring its just me, but today, the same topic was brought up by someone other than myself. That makes it necessary for me to bring this to everyones attention.

What is it you ask?

Several times, I found myself not posting about a cook, or an experience because I did NOT HAVE PICTURES. WTF...If thats me, I can not imagine how a new member would feel about posting their experiences, then get smacked for not having a picture.

Well Bullchit.
I did it, I cooked it, and it happened, and I want to post about it without a damn picture. Sometimes Im lazy, or I dont have my camera, or the unspectacular cook resulted in spectacular results.. but alas,?? no pics, it didnt happen??, so I dont post it and no one learns. That ain't right. Tha'ts not what we want. We want to know every damn way there is to do something, and for us to miss out on something for lack of a Polaroid is hurting no one but ourselves.

I would hate for another member to feel intimidated or ostracized, and not post something they did, because they didn't have a photo. Now, this is not to say some good natured ribbing among those that you know must stop, but it would be appreciated if its done with discretion and the blanket statements on any post that doesn't have a photo be kept to a minimum.

Agreed, some posts may warrant it, but theres is nothing spectacular about cooking a pork butt that would make me do a photo shoot every time. That does not mean i dont want to share the technique or recipe, or maybe just the finished product. Without a photo.

So keep the photos coming, but just because u dont have one, its ok. It does not mean we dont want to hear it or understand how u did it.
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