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Sid Post 03-17-2020 03:45 PM

I understand the need for caution! :wink:

I also think a huge number of people at large are totally over-reacting and making things needlessly worse. Some prudent caution is warranted but, not some of the craziness I'm seeing.

Fights over a 4-pack of toilet paper? Really? Or the lady in line from Kansas buying toilet paper in rural East Texas because "Kansas is out"! :shock: :roll:

Or the lady in line at the grocery store who asked: "Is it safe to boil bottled water?" :der: I mean really, my well comes from the same source at Nestle Waters in Hawkins, Texas and this lady is worried about boiling it! She was really proud to get the last two $9/box antibacterial Kleenex too!:drama:

Prudent caution and sensible cleaning practices I'm fine with but, I'm sorry :der:, a TOILET PAPER FORT won't stop Coronavirus from entering your house!

LYU370 03-17-2020 11:24 PM

Local liquor store still has plenty of Jim Beam & beer and my deep freeze is full of meat. I'm good. :thumb:

Hotch 03-18-2020 10:05 AM

I just received a phone call, yes a phone call, and the gentleman said the Texas Parks has cancelled reservations for group locations and I will be receiving my money back.
Thank you Texas State Parks for the call. I do appreciate it. :mrgreen:

Happy Hapgood 03-19-2020 01:26 AM


Originally Posted by LYU370 (Post 4285232)
Local liquor store still has plenty of Jim Beam & beer and my deep freeze is full of meat. I'm good. :thumb:

Maybe NOW you can cook that Gator and post some pic's!!!! :cool:

Hotch 06-05-2020 09:45 PM

I'm kind of hankering for a Texas Bash.
Would it be best just to hold off until the Texas Fall Bash? :mrgreen:

ronbrad62 06-05-2020 11:20 PM

I will definitely do my best to be there. Please post the dates as possible and I will start working on it.

sliding_billy 06-06-2020 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by Hotch (Post 4328853)
I'm kind of hankering for a Texas Bash.
Would it be best just to hold off until the Texas Fall Bash? :mrgreen:

I agree with that, but it might be worth looking at North Texas for the Fall Bash. We had pretty light turnout at the last Belton one. Maybe split the difference in time a bit and do it in very early fall to avoid the cold that occasionally hampers the fall bash..

Sid Post 06-07-2020 09:36 AM

Personally, I like the Belton location a lot. I think the DFW bash location has an advantage though because of the obvious airport advantages and Interstate connections.

Post Coronavirus lockdown, I think Belton has an advantage for people that want to go to Lockhart and Austin for even more BBQ pre or post Bash. Personally, in addition to the Bash, Slovachek's in West is a big draw for me. Of course, I need to visit Lockhart as well. Someday I'll venture a little farther to Snow's and some of the BBQ joints in Austin.

At this point, work permitting, I'm good with anything from El Paso to Texarkana, and Amarillo to Port Aransas! :thumb:

pjtexas1 06-07-2020 07:31 PM

We set the date and made the reservation for belton back in early March as several needed to put in for vacation. The big request is always to avoid UT and A&M home games. That limits the dates a lot. Another issue might be the virus again. The dfw area has had higher rates than Bell county. Of course that could all change.

Overlook Pavilion Saturday 10-24-2020. Belton, Tx

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Blythewood BBQ'er 06-07-2020 07:50 PM

Wendy did already put in for it off but she says it's pretty open so she could probably change it.
With that being said I am a bit worried about travelling. My concern is getting there and having another lock out. It would suck to get half way there to find out things closed down again.

Honestly still trying to sort it all out

Hotch 06-07-2020 07:51 PM

We have not cooked much this year and just itching for trip and cook!

Blythewood BBQ'er 06-07-2020 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by Hotch (Post 4329945)
We have not cooked much this year and just itching for trip and cook!

You're tell me! I got a brand new 5th wheel I'm itching to drag somewhere. Can't even find a site anywhere close for it's inaugural run.

Hotch 06-07-2020 08:25 PM

I have committed to a cook on 10-24 so not sure if we can make it to Belton.
But things could change!

Sid Post 06-08-2020 01:01 AM

Considering the state of things today, I don't think another lockdown is really possible. With the RIOTS, I suspect in ~3 weeks there will be a pretty big spike in Coronavirus related cases though, I suspect most of those people won't honor social distancing or other related mandates. I also tend to think most local government agencies won't or can't withstand another lockdown and the economic impacts it would bring.

Whether state parks would be open is an unknown if things take a turn for the worse.

Having Texas DPS stop out of state vehicle plates for a 14-day quarantine will be unenforceable this time if it happens again. It is one thing to have two or three cars from Louisianna but, 30 or 50 plus others from other states will overwhelm resources. Now add, law enforcement requirements to deal with RIOTS and other civil disorder and, who is left to deal with quarantine enforcement. Add young adults going to the beach, etc. and again resources are stretched too thin to enforce another wide-scale shutdown.

Whether we want to travel under conditions like that is a different issue.

Most of the people I know are more concerned with haircuts than Coronavirus so, let's just say my expectations are pretty low for another lockdown with any real effect on the general population. Not to mention the election-related disturbances whether you are for or against Trump or Biden or Antifa or BLM or ...!

Hotch 06-13-2020 10:48 AM

Well it looks like the EggFest we are to cook at in October may not happen.
If so I will be at the 2020 Texas BBQ Brethren Fall Bash.
May have to be a day trip again unless I can sleep in Paul's Cooker Shack! :mrgreen:

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