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N8man 04-22-2010 09:23 PM

Your Build is Pure Genius and Inspired!!!
Great Job!!!!


Originally Posted by Skidder (Post 1260046)

Skidder 04-23-2010 05:41 AM

Thanks I have about $24.00 into this one only cause I bought new grates. Can't wait to fire this one up. This was a really fun build. Took the day off from doing house chores (painting) had a few cold ones and went to work on it.

Chavo27 04-23-2010 10:51 AM

inspecting my barrel after the burn I've noticed the middle did not but all the way out.. Would it help if I go ahead and put the hole in the barrel before I burn it out.. That way it would be getting more air and make the fire hotter?

Typically 04-23-2010 10:55 AM

yea drill the holes, it'll get glowing hot!

Novass 04-24-2010 04:03 PM

Here's how Iset mine up. Started with the standerd build with a little mod. In stead of drilling 3 1 inch holed I drilled 1 and them 2 3/8 inch holes. The reasoning behind this is, after reading this whole thread I noticed 90% of the brethren had 1 valve uncapped and was ajusting with the ballvalve. My drum will run about 310 wide open, and if I want to do chiken I have a weber. Just my 2 cents.

peppasawce 04-24-2010 04:31 PM

Whatever works in your setup Novass, do it

rockyathabaska 04-26-2010 01:28 AM

hi from Rockyathabaska
figuring out how to post pron;so proud of my bbq.
some of my setup
whiskey glazed cedar plank salmon,you've got to try this one!

some pit bean,wings in the UDS,and some ribs.

Hope these pics work out,thanks for the help posting Chef Jim


McGurk 04-26-2010 10:32 AM

Weekend Update: Worked on it some more this weekend. Still haven't smoked with it, but I could if I had a day to babysit it. Things I did- moved the main intake up higher (fat-man mod), added wheels, put an additional exhaust wheel and thermometer on the lid, and finished the charcoal basket.
"Centerfold Shot"
Here she is, as she sits now.
"Fat Man Mod"
Added an Elbow and 18" extension for the Main adjustable 1" intake. The valve handle is right at the Rack Temp Probe.
"Added Exhaust and Thermometer"
I took daisy wheel from my old donor kettle and mounted it on the lid with 4 new holes. I also grabbed a thermometer from a trashed grill (along with some Stainless Steel bling to be added later) and put her in on top. Also, note the wood handle. I took all of 5 minutes with some sandpaper to get it cleaned up. It was pretty nasty before, and I'm going to stain and seal it before long.
I used a wheel assembly from the donor Weber, and made a third leg from some scrap 1/16" stock. Works great, and free.
"Charcoal Basket"
This was made with the intent of using it as a grill, so that is why it looks as it does. You wouldn't need the "wings" otherwise, but the legs are necessary.
"Legs and Wings"
Closeup of the hanging assembly. The basket bottom is 3" above the bottom of the barrel.
"Mounted up High, With a Rack"

rockyathabaska 04-26-2010 03:18 PM

nice build McGurk,
now you really only need one bbq in your yard!
Did I say that?
I've got five and am scoring another from craig's list tonight.
I really like how you can raise the charcoal basket to grill.
A guy shouldn't need any more mods to a uds than what you've got on yours,nice job!


woodbutcher1 04-26-2010 03:30 PM

McGurk,when you get a chance and fire that dude up,check your temp readings on both thermos. I know you have a deep fryer the middle of the drum. From the looks of it, the one in the lid should have a much shorter stem, can you place that one into the same hole as the long stemmed one just to get a temp reading so you can compare the 2 diferent readings? BTW,good looking drum.:thumb::clap2:

McGurk 04-26-2010 09:27 PM

Thanks for the compliment, Woodbutcher1. Funny that I was just calibrating both of them in boiling water as a check before logging on here, and they both needed tweaking. You're right; the lid thermo has a very short probe that was pretty off, so i got it close to right. The fryer thermo was pretty close, though. I've got them in the drum on my second (and hotter) seasoning run. Was able to get over 400 degrees this time with the additional exhaust holes and better coal distribution (used a small 12" dia. cage within the basket). It did burn through it faster, though.

woodbutcher1 04-26-2010 10:29 PM

Did you record the temp readings? then pull the fryer gage and place the lid gage were the fryer gage was ? if you do that, you can see a temp differance of at least 80* to 100* less with short stemed gage.

McGurk 04-27-2010 07:57 AM

I guess I'm not getting what you're saying. I know that the outer ring of the drum runs cooler than the center, but I don't know why I'd want to know what's happening at the cooler part when a person is most interested at the hot part of your cook. Obviously a short probe at rack level will give you a different reading than a long probe, but is one better than the other? I'd rather know the high temp (at the center) and regulate from that, than to check at the side, underestimate the temp and overcook the food thereby drying it out. The one on my lid is only there as a check (and because I had it laying around), but I don't think it's necessary.

BTW, the "probe" on the freebie lid thermo is only about an inch long, and it's threaded except for the last 1/8" for the keeper nut. The end has a slot for a regular screwdriver to do your adjustment with. Being it goes up over 700 deg, I don't know how accurate it is at typical smoking temps (a lot of slop?). We'll find out if it's even worth keeping on there, or needs to be replaced with something better.

Dexter 04-27-2010 06:14 PM

After reading through all of these post, I have finally finished 3 ugly drums smokers. My husband thought I was nuts. I found 2 unlined barrels with lids for 10 dollars, and someone gave me the other one.

woodbutcher1 04-27-2010 06:59 PM

Sorry to hound you McGurk about the thermometer placement and readings. Back on page #386 post #5790, i commented about the temp. differances on my drum. A comment was made by h20loo about a100* variation.
I screwed up, i thought he was you,you guys look so much allike.LOL
Hope i didn't mess you up to much.:doh:

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