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Pocchampion 06-12-2017 08:18 PM

Who else cooks
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For the dawg? I find myself always making our dawg , Smokie, a little bite. Tonight was her burger. She loves steak night the best.

TravelingJ 06-12-2017 08:18 PM

My dogs would kick my ass if that was all the burger I gave them!

mchar69 06-12-2017 08:46 PM

Hah, we have a routine. Daddy nearly always cooks, and also makes lunch in the morning.
The dog who, as he looks at you, with his beautiful eyes,
has never eaten all week, and maybe had a scrap or 2.
Forlorn, those eyes are the ads on TV eyes...
So I cut about 1 1/2 oz of meat we cooked before, or
that nights' meal, and either set it aside, or add to his meal.
It's a dance we play. If he's in the other room,
I make sure the last bit makes a 'ching' sound on the bowl, he comes looking for trouble.

pjtexas1 06-12-2017 09:05 PM

My dogs end up in the ER if they get bbq. Nice that you get to give your pup a treat.

Inthewoods 06-12-2017 09:32 PM

I give the Akita 4 eggs in the morning, used to do omelets...over easy now. Only one for the cocker, she's older, and a hell of a bit smaller. Rib bones, various veggies.


rookiedad 06-12-2017 09:58 PM

i cook for my dog, and she gets to eat at the table.

Okie Sawbones 06-12-2017 10:07 PM

No BBQ, but they get baked liver treats which they go wild over.

BeerBQ 06-13-2017 08:12 PM

Has anyone smoked pig ears for their dog? I've seen them in stores and have always been interested.

Norm 06-13-2017 08:23 PM

Mine gets the leftovers from supper.

And an occasional hen that is foolish enough to get out!

cowgirl 06-13-2017 08:28 PM

Mine gets leftovers too. Sometimes I'll grill a burger for him though.

Stlsportster 06-13-2017 08:37 PM

Put my almost 16 yr old lab mutt down in December. She always got scraps..fat, chicken skin and gristle, pulled pork, etc.

Used to sit by the smoker while I cooked and at my feet when I sliced.

Miss the hell out of her whenever I cook now.

KevinJ 06-13-2017 09:07 PM

The only thing I intentionally cook for them is the flaps off the back of Full Spares when I trim the Spares. I don't season the flaps and cook them in the smoker to render fat and get tender, chop them up and add to their dog food later.

I will save the juices from Pork Loins, Poultry and Beef cuts while they are resting and add to their dog food the next morning. They don't get a lot of people food and they never get anything when we're sitting at the table eating.

This is the look I get when they're saying give me a damn Milk Bone man. :-D

mattmountz94 06-14-2017 05:16 AM

Guess i am the mean one. The dogs get no human food unless they are stealing cheerios from the toddler.

Good on you though. Got some lucky pups

4ever3 06-14-2017 06:22 AM

Yep, we cook for Henry, baked chicken, long grain brown rice, Greek yogurt, applesauce, and a poached egg, but only because he now has a malabsorption disorder and we're trying to save him.

ModelMaker 06-14-2017 06:47 AM

Had some friends that threw their little darlings food at the table while they ate. Would spend the meal time kicking the little bastards in the ribs under the table.

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