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08-08-2010, 07:01 AM
picked this JR enterpise up for 400$. The guy who sold it to me was real nice and gave me a ton of tips. Will be cooking on this today.

I guess ill post a pic of my USD i made and completed just a week before i picked up the one above up


Ill post some pics tonight

08-08-2010, 07:36 AM
very nice!!!

Smoke & Beers
08-08-2010, 07:55 AM
Cool....let us know how that bad boy works :thumb:

But I just gotta know one thing...did you use this as an inspiration? :becky:

08-08-2010, 08:23 AM
Ha...actually its getting a yellow radioactive symbol painted on it this week...

08-08-2010, 09:32 AM
nice score, let us know how it cooks.

08-08-2010, 09:38 AM
Great score on the JR Enterprise cooker - that is one serious looking cooker. On your UDS, did you paint the Weber lid or did you use one of the green grills as your base for your UDS?


08-08-2010, 09:54 AM
Nice looking Ol' gal aint she, with a little cleaning up and some new paint that my friend is a sweet deal.

08-08-2010, 10:56 AM
she's a beauty...

08-08-2010, 11:10 AM
I painted the lid i found on a kettle cooker that was being thrown away on the side of the road on my way to work one morning.

As for the big one, will be giving her thr brush treatment and and new paint job this week. Just couldnt help myself not to throw some food on this weekend.Its a new toy

08-08-2010, 11:31 AM
Does your lid on your UDS actually fit inside the top lip?

Alan in Ga
08-08-2010, 11:33 AM
Sweet Score and love the drum

08-09-2010, 06:25 AM
Yeah, the lid fits tight inside the drum and seals...

08-09-2010, 07:35 AM
WOW, that's a bigun'!!

Nice score!:thumb:

08-09-2010, 08:03 AM
Nice score there!

08-09-2010, 08:36 AM
Great deal at that price. :thumb:

08-09-2010, 11:38 AM
Nice find! Can we get a couple more pics of it??


Southern Home Boy
08-09-2010, 12:21 PM
Have you cooked on the drum yet? A bunch of folks have had trouble with their air flow when the intake is higher than the exhaust... Just wondering if you had any problems with that?

08-09-2010, 01:02 PM
take lots of pictures of the new one

08-09-2010, 02:53 PM
Ill get some more pics when i get home tonight. Wanted to take pictures of the ribs, chicken, brisket i did on its maiden cook sunday, but beer got flowing to good and the wife served it before i remebered it. I will say everything cameout awsome.

As for the air flow on the UDS i havent had any problems. I can lock it in at about 250 for 10hrs or so..I keep one other air value open, one closed and the valve at about half way.

Paul B
08-09-2010, 08:06 PM
Great lookin units......you may want to rethink the intake being taller than the exhaust. But give it a go as is an let us know how both work.

Paul B
SS Auspit