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07-11-2010, 05:27 PM
Well my best laid plans for a double pull yesterday fizzeled…
This was supposed to be for the throw down. My wordy cook.
I fired up the UDS at 7 am and had nice steady temps of 225 and put the meat on at 0745.
2-4.5 chuckies injected with beef broth and some spices the night before then rubbed with Simply Marvelous Pecan rub and a 11 lbs pork shoulder bone in, my first bone in. Injected that with some apple juice, mustard slather and Simply Marvelous Cherry.
I was smoking good some pecan wood for flavor. The temps held rock solid for 4.5 hours then drifted down so I opened the one valve a little more.
At 1500 I tested the meat temps, both sitting at about 140. Ah I thought the chuckies are stuck. Gave the drum a rap and left them at 225 to 1700, then checked the temps both about 145.


Pulled the drum thermometer and meat thermometer and gave them a quick cal check. Drum one was reading boiling water as 228, DOUBLE FARK. Meat one was reading boiling at 208, not awfull. Re-calibrated then back into the drum
1800 ball valve was already opened all the way so I pulled a cap to bring the temps up to a real 240. It started to drift down again by 1900 so I opened up both caps and the ball valve at half open.
1830, started spaghetti for dinner.
2030 temps started to drop again fark me all valves wide open, could see the glow of coals in the fire basket.
2100, pulled meat foil panned with some liquid and ovened at 270.
Chuckies hit 205 at 2330
Pork hit 190 at 0020 (Sunday)
Started pulling the chuckies at 0100, the pork about 0130.
All pulled and done at 0200, went to bed. A few samples while pulling were really good. I was afraid that long of a time that I just blew a wad of meat. The bark and smoke ring were incredible and the meat didn’t dry out as I feared.

I was surprised that my thermometers were off I had calibrated them two weeks earlier for my last drum cook. I wasn’t used to a pork shoulder taking so long as my brain was stuck on the boneless 8 pounders I usually get from Costco. I figured bone is supposed to cook quicker…
I checked this morning and there were still some coals in the fire basket. Not sure if the minion failed at there were several areas with no briquettes left. I’m using a turkey fryer thermomter so I’m getting center temps. The meat pretty well covered the whole rack, I only used one. So I might up the ante on my base cooking temperature next round. Not sure. I will next time check therms before I start.
Here are the pictures guess I forgot to shoot while they were on:

07-11-2010, 05:43 PM
Funk says don't watch temps and time. That chuckie looks killer. Wish I had a plate of it right now:thumb:

07-11-2010, 05:59 PM
The meat pretty well covered the whole rack,

This could be a hint. When cooking in my vertical (BSKD) I have to allow room for air flow around the meat to maintain temps and get a little convection action.

07-11-2010, 06:24 PM
^^^Hits the nail on the head. Airflow is the key to maintaining temps.