View Full Version : New traeger 180 thermostat..ebay rocks also

06-29-2010, 12:47 AM
I bought a new traeger 180 deg thermostat from ebay. The description was “..180 deg version. New” I took it as it was the new version (to much jack n coke LOL). I bid $70 and won. Then I reread it and noticed I read it wrong. It was the original 180. So I paid cuz I bid. Then emailed him explained that I screwed up. They said no worries. We have the newest version and he sent me that one instead of the old version. It did not fit thru the hole on my bbq100. I read how to remove the plate and knob to mount it….That seemed like a lot of work so I just put it in from the back and secured w/ #4-40 screws and nuts. From opening, to replacing my 3 pos. switch and to smoking took 2 beers. It had trouble on the smoke and 180 setting. It ran at 205 but was also 105 ambient temp. It held 225 and up perfect. If I understand correctly the p setting only effects smoke setting which will help me reduce the temp when it is so hot out side. I am pretty happy. I have a bbq100 deluxe traeger w/ the newest thermostat for $280. I love craigslist and ebay.