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06-16-2010, 10:04 AM
Brethren, I need some advice.

I'm entered into an amatuer rib competition this Sunday where I was supposed to be cooking back ribs. However the most recent information from them said that we are to be cooking side ribs. I had been practicing with back ribs and had my timing down, now I'm not so sure. :confused:

We have 5 hours from the time we get the ribs (They are supplying them) to turn in time. As you can see 3-2-1 won't work here. :doh:

I was thinking that I would need about 45 min of prep time at the begining to trim, remove the membrane and get the rub on and a let it sit for a bit with rub in the cooler, 4 hours of total cooking time and about 15 minutes to cut them and make the turn in box. Does that seem about right?

Given the 4 hours of cooking time how does this sound like for side ribs?
1) 2hrs at 250-275* to get the smoke into them
2) 1hr at the same temp foiled
3) 1hr at the same temp no foil, saucing in the last 20-30 minutes

Does that sound about right?

I'll be using my Treager so temperature control shouldn't be too much of an issue. Also it supposed to be hot and humid that day if it makes a difference.

06-16-2010, 11:43 AM
Side ribs? Wow, not sure they'll know how to judge something they can't name.

Key would be to trim them down to St. Louis. My normal timing for St. Louis is 4 hours @ 275.

You timing "might" work, but it depends on how big the slabs are after trimming. There can be a big variance. I'd get your prep down fast, shouldn't take 15 min and give yourself as much cooking time as you can.