View Full Version : doing my first over night smoke, question?

09-11-2009, 09:58 PM
I have a quest. How long should I watch the Smoker(UDS) to be conifident that the temp will remain constant. would a couple hours be good enough. I know it varies from smoker to smoker and mine does stay fairly stable.

As of now, I have been holding a temp of 225 for about hour with a cleaned out uds and new lump charcoal(10 pounds)

Smoking some pulled pork by the way

09-11-2009, 10:05 PM
For the overnights, I like briq's instead of lump - the fire is more consistent than the lump.

I've done a few on the UDS, I set the alarm to check after 4 hours. If you injected the shoulder - I found that a heavy-dripper could affect the coals. I'm going to make a shield/pan for the UDS to keep drippings off to the side.