View Full Version : Easter Turkry on UDS

04-10-2009, 12:26 PM
Happy Friday!
I'm doing another turkey on the UDS; liked the last one so much I gotta go again .Must learn to post pron ,I'm so proud of my food!
Method is Norco's,350 for 8 beers ,little smoke ,also by family request .I put mine right on the grill ,I haven't sent away for a turkey rocket yet ,but that's a must do .
Question is ; what about sides? I want to fill up the uds but with what?
The family loves my pit beans,do you think doing the pit beans in the uds @the same time as the turkey would make it too humid to crisp up the skin? Or maybe moink balls for appies?Or perhaps the always popular asparagus and cream cheese wrapped with prociutto.....
I'm planning baked spuds and slaw.....12 people or more
for dinner.
Any tips or suggestion would be welcome.

Thanks, Rocky