View Full Version : Maiden Voyage w/pron

12-28-2008, 08:04 AM

I always panic a little before I cook on a new toy and this was no exception. Even with the instructions you all gave me I was still unsure. All went well but in the middle of the night about 1:30am I got up to use my wiggle rod and wiggled the fire grate out of position & struggled keeping the temps down-lesson learned. This really didn't affect the cook at all. Both pieces of meat where done within 1 hour of each other before they were wrapped & coolered for 2 hrs before pulling. The meat was moist,not fatty tasting, and flavorful.
After the Egg cooled down and cleaning began I still had about 1-2 lbs of lump remaining, I was pleasantly surprised.
What is the key to using the wiggle rod? Why did the temp spike up to 300, I had the bottom vent openned about 1/4" and the top daisy wheel openned halfway?