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04-15-2008, 02:42 PM
Just wondering, whats the best retail price others have seen on the Eggs. A local BBQ store who is not know for the best prices has them for $699 but so does everyone else. Do these things have a fixed retail or is $700 the best price I am going to find.

04-15-2008, 02:50 PM
You can get a demo at an Eggfest cheaper than that. It will be brand new other than the cook thats done on it at the Eggfest. I think there's a Texas Eggfest coming up. Check their site for more info.


04-15-2008, 02:55 PM
Thats pretty much the going price for a Large. I got mine on sale for $599 and I wish I would have bought two of them. EGGtobersfest is in Georgia but probably farther than you would want to drive for a BGE.

04-15-2008, 03:01 PM
Here's more details about the Texas Eggfest. Its May 10, in Austin and Larges are $580.


04-15-2008, 03:04 PM
There is a Eggfest coimg up in Austin but thats 185 miles one way. I would spend at least $100 in gas alone. Is the fest worth the trip because I really would not be saving any money on the egg.

04-15-2008, 06:35 PM
There is a Eggfest coimg up in Austin but thats 185 miles one way. I would spend at least $100 in gas alone. Is the fest worth the trip because I really would not be saving any money on the egg.

If you don't own an Egg and want to see them in action from enthusiastic fans or want the chance to order at a reduced price and cook something on it the Eggfest is the way to go. They usually come with the tools,nest, plate setter and a bag of BGE lump. In Seattle they came with side tables and the distributor was offering discounts on accessories. Dealers were were offering products and there are demonstrations during the day and you sample the items being cooked. I guess if you figure in the gas of almost any daily activity everything costs more. I don't pay attention to the best retail prices and online sales of BGE's are supposedly not covered by the lifetime warranty. There will probably more people flying in or driving from other parts of the country to the Eggfest to cook and schmooze just to be part of the scene. Is the Egg dealer near you someone you want to deal with after the fact? Does he support the product and is he knowledable about it?

Rick's Tropical Delight
04-15-2008, 06:42 PM
there is no fixed retail price, but you might be able to haggle with a retailer or see what else they will throw in if you pay the retailers list price, plate setter, pizza stone, nest, mates, etc.

i drove to atlanta for eggtoberfest from dayton, ohio and i'm driving to waldorf eggfest (near dc) in may. sometimes it's just not about the money.

you might find someone local that is going to the eggfest and is willing to pick up a demo egg for you. i did that for the omaha eggfest last year.

White Dog BBQ
04-15-2008, 08:02 PM
Like Rick said, it's hard to compare prices because some dealers throw in more chit than others. One of the negatives about BGEs is that everything is an "eggsessory". I guess "eggcellence" has it's price.

By the way, I'm writing this as a very satisfied owner of a BGE.

04-15-2008, 08:41 PM
April 18th-19th there's Oklahoma Eggfest. Not sure if any Demos are still available. And there seems to be a dealer posted add on dallas craigslist.

04-15-2008, 09:45 PM
I am definately going to get one soon. My brother wants one too so I will probably be getting one for his wife to suprise him with when he gets back from Iraq. My wife thinks I have too many toys so I am trying to find the best price to ease the pain.

If the eggfest is worth the trip I would not mind going, just dont want to drive down there for a wast of time. Should I take it that this is a pretty big event then?

04-16-2008, 07:40 AM
The TX eggfest is handled by BBQOutfitters. They have a branch store in Southlake. You could see if the Southlake store will be doing any specials in conjunction with the fest. Ironically, there are two other retailers within a mile of the southlake outfitters who carry eggs: BBQGalore and Amerian Backyard. Just as a side note, I've talked to a several folks who are not crazy about the guy who runs Southlake Outfitters.