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04-08-2008, 11:35 PM
Does anyone know what is involved in organizing an Eggfest? Anyone been to one?

Are they usually one day events? Are any part of a larger event?

I realize that they are run by distributors, but are there any that are run in conjunction with something else?

Are there enough Egg owners in the NY TriState area to make such an undertaking feasible?

I understand that Eggfests are designed as a promotional event to get the word out, so wouldn't if follow that they would like to be held in conjunction with an established competition (bringing their wares to where the hobbyists are)?

All input valued.



04-09-2008, 12:21 AM
Smitty the Smoker has been organizing the Eggs by the Bay in the San Francisco area for a few years.http://eggsbythebay.proboards70.com/v45index.cgi?

and Gwen(dimplesmom on the egghead forum) did a fantastic job at the 1st Annual Pacific Northwest Eggfest in the Seattle area last year. You may want to gine them a PING over there.

DrBBQ or the Mothership can probably give you more info.

04-09-2008, 01:36 AM
If I had the resources, and interest why would I want to draw the focus away from my product?

04-09-2008, 02:17 AM
If I had the resources, and interest why would I want to draw the focus away from my product?

Because if you are only addressing people who have already purchased your product you are preaching to the choir and not increasing your market.

BGE people love BGE's. You have them already. They are your customer base. To increase that base you either need to create new customers for the market in general and pull them into the fold or you need to poach some of your competitors customers.

Setting up at an event that pulls in thousands of potential customers seems to be a strong strategic move. If I can use my resources to proselytize to those that I can convert into customers or allocate those resources to existing customers that are already committed to me and my product, I would go after the new customer. But I could be wrong. I often am.


04-09-2008, 06:43 AM
Eric - Interesting. I was wondering if LI would ever have a big enough market as well for one.

Nice idea for sure.

A problem I see is that an Eggfest at a dealership or sponsored by one offsite allows new customers to buy new units from the dealership (and allows others to buy demo units as well). Not being affiliated with a BGE dealer is just like having a big cooking party. For that matter it could be any cooker.

Don't know if BGE would sponsor something direct that is unaffiliated with their established dealer in the area so as not to undermine them.

I'll be interested in hearing about your progress if this can get off the ground.

04-09-2008, 07:59 AM
Interesting idea.
No eggfests that I'm aware of have been linked to any other event. There's usually a distributor or dealer involved from the beginning but not always. A few have been started by people on their own who just wanted to have one in their area. They always get a dealer or the distributor involved though because two of the main attractions at an eggfest are the many eggs all cooking at once and then the discounted pre-sale of those demo eggs. The demo egg thing just isn't going to happen without an ambitious dealer or the distributor and usually involves both. The best ones involve an ambitious egger, a good dealer and the distributor.

As for the promotional value, there are a lot of people watching the egg in all areas and just looking for a reason to pull the trigger so when an eggfest happens they seem to come out of the woodwork. Many buy their eggs then because of the good discount and then they meet all the eggers and they are hooked. Others come to see what all the fuss is about and often times they end up with an egg as well. Many of these folks are back the following year cooking and joining the fun.

It's been an amazing success story. As ,mentioned, Gwen in Seattle spearheaded the new eggfest out there and the distributor and a few dealers decided to help. Around 300 people showed up and they sold like 40-50 eggs. A huge success and they will do it again this year and I suspect it will be much bigger. Smitty's Eggs By The Bay is a similar story.

Now back to adding it to a cookoff. I think the eggers would be overwhelmed by people looking for free food and it would probably not go well. It hasn't been tried but I've been to a lot of both kind of events and that's my thought. It's also a big project moving a couple dozen eggs to an off site and that may be a deal breaker for the dealer. For a first time event they'd probably want to have it at or near there store. But if there was a dealer close to the event, who knows?

So if it were me I'd start with a local dealer and see if he was interested.

04-09-2008, 08:34 AM
There is an egg dealer on Central Ave. in Farmingdale. Not too far from Sparky's. I think the name of the store is GPM.
Hope this helps.