View Full Version : Halloween Wedding Bbq here at home

11-01-2007, 08:45 PM
I did a bbq cook for approximately 50 folks yesterday here at our home for my wifes best friend and her new hubby.

I did 70 pounds of pork butts as well as 110 chicken thighs.

Due to extreeme weather conditions, my daughter in law loosing her unborn child I had to do the butts in my electric Cookshack smoker.

We trimmed and seasoned the butts with Wizards Pork Rub. and had them going by 6 am.

We had the chicken thighs dipped in butter and seasoned with Klose Chicken Rub.

Got the Wizards rub from the man who created it. Its available through Hawgeyes.com... Dave Klose created his line of rubs. People loved both rubs.

40 mph winds were kicking our backsides so had to put the Klose Mobile back in the barn for a windbreak. One of the benefits of living out in the country I guess.

We were supposed to have food ready to plate at 6 pm last nite. Bride and groom failed to show until after that time. I was a bit miffed to say the least.

Had the chaffing pans set up and little sterno cans burning, bottom pans filled with water ect. Hell didnt even have the paper plates or plastic eating utensils ect.

During our downtime, we made my baked bean recipe using 2 #10 cans of Bushes baked beans. I doctor them w/diced onions, fried burger, mustard,catsup and brown sugar. We ended up with 3 half hotel pans.

Made a full batch of Bagna Cauda also.

Long story short, Bagna C auda was gone in a heartbeat, 2 pans of beans gone. 3 pork buts eaten. Probably 75 chicken thighs gone.

Forgot to mention I smoked 5# of cheddar cheese last Saturday.
Half that was gone as well.

Weather went south fast. Clouded up, and rained like hell. We were scrambling to get folks under cover and out of the rain.

Wedding took place on the front porch, as mine did in 2004.

Everybody but me was in costume. Im so ugly I dont require one.

Folks left here stuffed and said it was some of the best food they ever ate.

Sorry no pictures were possible. Danged weather.

We cleaned all damned day, and I can honestly say. as of a half hour ago our humble abode is back to normal.
Me.................headed for shower and then off to bed soon.

All in all...........I will never ever volunteer to host another wedding here at the house. I dont care how much cash they offer me.

Without my wifes help as well as my bbq buddy....pit bieotch Mark, we could have never ever pulled this off.

I/we did this as a gift to the couple who got married here.:biggrin::biggrin:

JD McGee
11-01-2007, 08:53 PM
WOW! What a day...sounds like you pulled it off in spite of the weather and your daughter-in-laws tragedy. Kudos to you brother!:-P:-P:-P

11-01-2007, 08:57 PM
Glad to hear you pulled it off. Congrats.

11-01-2007, 09:00 PM
Sounds to me like you stood up to the task and made it all work. Good job. Keeping promises ain't always easy, but pretty important to do.

11-01-2007, 09:11 PM
best way to get your mind off things..get back in the game...sounds like good times, good eats and good friends...It dont get no better than that! Best to you and the family.