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02-02-2020, 02:38 PM
I currently own a Mixon Smoker MMS-G33, Yoder YS-640, and Monolith.
I love the MMS-G33 and Yoder YS-640.

I’ll probably sell the Monolith. It is a good smoker just small and I like the Yoder much better it a better day-to-day smoker.

The MMS-G33 will cook a lot of food so I have a large capacity smoker. This is a quality smoker and it is nice that it is almost a set it and forget it with the BBQ guru.

The Yoder is the best pellet cooker I’ve used. It is so well made.

I have a second home that we sometime rental out as vacation rental. I need a smoker for the property. Only I will use the smoker at this property.
I was thinking about Yoder YS-1500 because I love the YS-640.

I’m also thinking about the Mixon Smoker RFG-60. I love the gravity feed idea. I love idea of the lateral cook chamber. I’d like to keep the smoker inside the shop when not being used. Outside the shop is gravel I’m worried with the wheels it might travel well on gravel.

I’m also thinking about a stick burner on a trailer. I could use it at the second home but also move it if needed.
My only concern is fire management. I don’t have a lot of experience tending fire but I can learn.

I’ve looked at Jambo’s, Langs, and Meadow Creek Smokers. I’m open to anything.
I enjoy doing BBQ competitions but I’m lucky to do one a year.

Shipping is a consideration because I live in Washington.

I am grateful and appreciate any help.

02-03-2020, 01:35 AM
You should have a look at Cascade Smokers they're up there in the North West so shipping shouldn't be too bad?