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08-27-2019, 01:55 PM
Been doing my best to empty freezers. Found this gem hiding. A corned beef brisket flat. Smoke is on.

08-27-2019, 02:05 PM
So, not the traditional pastrami seasonings? Let us know what is going on in that pan.

08-27-2019, 02:24 PM
Placed the beef and juices in the pan. Sprinkled the less than teaspoon packet and then seasoned well with Kennys Cajun Rub. I then poured about an inch of unsweetened tea in the bottom of pan. SOB running about 300* with B&B Oak Lump and some small mesquite chunks. Plan to wrap at 165 and take to 200. I've only done one of these before and I just sliced into thirds and froze. When ready I'd put the hunk of beef in the Instant Pot for 8-10 minutes. We used it mostly for Reuben Pizzas best I recall. Winging It- as usual

08-27-2019, 05:52 PM
That's a good idea. I do a pressure finish on my pastrami following smoking, but I'm sure it would work on the small pieces. Try a Reuben pizza or quesadilla.

08-27-2019, 06:36 PM
Itíll eat.

08-27-2019, 07:57 PM
Finished with a 10 minute “instant pot” steam.

Mesquite smoked corned beef brisket.
4 hours smoke 168*
2 hours wrap 200*
90 minute rest
10 minutes “steamed” Instant Pot

(Times approximate but close)

Big George's BBQ
08-28-2019, 03:50 PM
That looks outstanding

creek bottom
08-29-2019, 10:44 AM
That looks fabulous!!! Nice!!! :thumb:

08-29-2019, 10:54 AM
I'll have mine on rye with swiss Adams.