View Full Version : DIY question - dumbwaiter or lift outdoors?

07-27-2019, 01:48 PM
Hey all

I’m not sure this question is appropriate but I figured some of you might be in a similar situation. We are moving to Southern California for a new job. The housing stock is different and we are going to be in a townhome for the first year at least. The kitchen is on the first floor and the backyard is accessible on the ground floor. But outside the kitchen there is a balcony. My first thought on viewing the house was a dumbwaiter or lift and I even mentioned to the current resident and he said that when they moved in the movers setup a lift on a ladder to bring some stuff up.

So is anyone else in a similar situation? Anyone built or installed a lift/dumbwaiter? It wouldn’t be for a person, just kitchen items, food etc.