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07-20-2019, 12:52 PM
This is probably a stupid question but we will be moving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles in a month or so.

Im trying to work out the move logistics. I will probably have to give up some of my BBQs just because the houses we are looking at are smaller and the outside space is smaller (Im going down on Tuesday to do some viewings).

We will get a moving firm in to do the house and all the stuff inside but I was thinking of getting a pod for my tools (I have a lot of tools and machinery in the garage) and putting the bbq/garden stuff in that. I get 30 days storage built in and I can then have it delivered to the new place once we are settled.

How did you guys whove done house moves deal with the bbqs and accessories? - my bbq squad is Webber performer, Rec tec, pit barrel, kamado joe, blackstone griddle, pizza oven (plus lots more Im forgetting about).

07-20-2019, 01:07 PM
That will all fit in the new house even if you have to make it fit.

when I moved I let the moving company do all of the house stuff and moved my tools and toys myself.


07-20-2019, 02:11 PM
In June I gave my shop equipment to a Grandson in Washington State. We found PODS was the best way to move it all, and the most economical.
But make sure you block the pieces and tie or strap them to the walls.
Only you can decide what is worth moving, or replacing with new.
But we had a happy experience using PODS.

None of the rental companies would do a one way truck rental for us. Very odd, they use to do one-ways.

If you are up for towing yourself, you could rent a trailer and drag your equipment down yourself. You might find a one-way rental for a flatbed trailer.
That way you have total control of the load and how it is handled.
But properly securing is tantamount to a happy ending.

Moving is a PITA in the best of circumstances. Good luck with yours.