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03-27-2019, 01:56 AM
Ok so I have built several offset pits for other people. I have also borrowed a couple and cooked on them but I never have owned one myself. Last year Lonestar Grillz came out with their new 20 series and got me to wanting one.

I ordered a 20 x 42 a few weeks ago and it arrived last week. I put it to work last Saturday and now I am hooked. No doubt the cooker is way more work than my cabinet or even the big Weber kettle but the food is phenomenal. I will still use my set and forget cookers but this new offset has a place in my lineup for sure.

Here is a pic of my first cook. Top rack of course is a naked fatty. Beside it is a big Wally select brisket that was on manager special for real cheap. The bottom rack has 15 pounds of boneless and bone in country style ribs that my stepson wanted me to cook for him. The cook was a roaring success as this pit is like all Lonestar Grillz products, ultra easy and ultra efficient.

03-27-2019, 06:00 AM
Nice rig brother. I felt the same way when I got my Lang. Love the process, love the food. Pretty much ignored my PBC for a year after I started stickburning. Just now regularly putting the PBC back in rotation as i have learned there are certain foods (like pastrami) that turn out better with the different cook style.

Enjoy the heck out of it!

03-27-2019, 06:13 AM
Beautiful cooker! LSG knocked it out of the park with that design.

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03-27-2019, 07:09 AM
Congrats John really like that offset, if I ever buy a stick burner that would be the one. Glad the shipping company didn't lose this one. Heading up to Lake Keowee tomorrow to spend some time with the BIL and his family for a long weekend on the lake.

03-27-2019, 07:26 AM
ah man.. The Cheez has upgraded to a stick burner! bout time man! Good to see ya still around here!

03-27-2019, 08:11 AM
Congrats on the new cooker. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

03-27-2019, 08:21 AM
Here is a pic of the cheap select brisket. I cooked it and rested it for a couple hours. Then it got refrigerated and warmed up the next day. It was surprisingly good.

03-27-2019, 08:47 AM
Congrats! I got the call yesterday that mine was finished and getting ready for shipping.

03-27-2019, 09:18 AM
Nice!! Love burning sticks.

03-27-2019, 10:30 AM
Congrats on a beautiful smoker!!! Love cooking on those offsets!! Brisket, BTW, looked delicious!!

03-27-2019, 10:39 AM
Congrats John!

03-27-2019, 11:22 AM

Big George's BBQ
03-27-2019, 12:17 PM
Very Nice Congrats and Enjoy

03-27-2019, 01:28 PM
Great food and great looking cooker. I’ve been interested in the new LSG’s since they debuted. How would you characterize the air flow through the cook chamber and the draw out of the exhaust? Thanks!

03-27-2019, 01:40 PM
So you have built offsets for other people but when it was time for you to get one - you said “Ya, No - I want a Good One.” ? :mrgreen:

Smoke on Badger Mountain
03-27-2019, 06:43 PM
she's a good looking pit. Nothing quite like an offset.

03-27-2019, 09:13 PM
Great food and great looking cooker. Ive been interested in the new LSGs since they debuted. How would you characterize the air flow through the cook chamber and the draw out of the exhaust? Thanks!

I would say the airflow is quite different than any other offset but it is very good. Chris explains his new baffle system quite well in a video on his website.

03-27-2019, 09:26 PM
So you have built offsets for other people but when it was time for you to get one - you said Ya, No - I want a Good One. ? :mrgreen:

Nice try but not even close. I built several pits because I used to have a welding side business and people commissioned me to build the pits for them. Back then I never wanted a stick burner because of the babysitting factor. Every pit I built is still in operation and two of them are used for commercial purposes. They work very well. Then 8 years ago I got a pacemaker and the doc said no more welding.

Last year when we had the house fire we stayed with one of my stepsons for a weekend. He has an Old Country Pecos. We spent the night drinking and cooking a 23 pound brisket. I fell in love with the process and the quality of the meat so I went on the search for a pit. To make a year long story short I never found what I wanted in my price range. Then LSG came out with this new design. I waited a few months and watched a bunch of videos and decided. This LSG 20 x 42 fit my wants perfectly. Thats my story and Im sticking to it. :biggrin1: