View Full Version : Corned beef flat

03-24-2019, 02:20 PM
I haven't made corned beef brisket in a long time and used to make it in my crockpot with potatoes and cabbage, slow for 10 hours.
Is it possible to try this on a smoker, using kraft paper or butcher paper wrapped with the same vegetables throughout the entire cook?

I made a brisket flat wrapped for 8 hours beginning to end as I could never smoke just a flat without it drying out. It came out tender and mushy, little bit of smoke but hands down better then trying to smoke it bare, attempting to wrap it later. So that experiment turned out gerat and subtle smoke. What about trying a corned beef flat? The hard part will be wrapping it with the veggies on I know but i have a wide roll of butcher paper. Thoughts?