View Full Version : First Full Packer Brisket.....

10-20-2018, 06:41 PM
....in my small Davy Crockett pellet cooker. Trimmed- seasoned wrapped and overnight in cold fridge. Tomorrow we’ll see about that known hot spot.

10-20-2018, 07:01 PM
Feels like that time i cooked one in my Red Box. If they say it can't be done... prove them wrong!

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10-20-2018, 08:38 PM

10-20-2018, 10:09 PM
What's that thing weigh in at? Looks like a decent size for your little DC.

10-20-2018, 10:18 PM
Under 8# pre trim.

10-21-2018, 08:26 AM
On at 0700. Foil wrapped the armadillo popper holder to get off the grate’s known hotspot. Folded the flat under to fit a quarter sheet pan and placed on top of the armadillo. It’s all going to be chopped together so trophy shot flat slices are not required.

Ahead of the Sunrise, hot black coffee, mix of hickory-mesquite and cherry wood. I think. New bag new brand Ill check.
Sunday Brisket

10-21-2018, 08:31 AM
I've done a bunch that size in my DC. Slightly different panning method, but pretty much how you've got it. I would worry a little bit about drippings running over how you've got it panned. There looks to be a lot of point for a packer that small. Normally, when I get them that small they are almost all flat.

Michigan BBQ Fan
10-21-2018, 08:38 AM
Ahh...the memories of my first brisket. Enjoy. Excited to see the final outcome. Happy Smokin'

10-21-2018, 08:45 AM
Pellets are a mix of hickory-maple-apple

Although it’s my several hundredth brisket, it’s my first in the DC. First time Ive filled the hopper to the top. First time to fold a brisket. Although I’ve cooked several smaller packers this is probably the first under 8# before trimming.

So lots of firsts. Another first. Did y’all see the advertisement for the new Budweiser Amber aged I think in bourbon barrels? I’m not a bud fan, but this sounded interesting.
“I gots to know”

Michigan BBQ Fan
10-21-2018, 08:47 AM
Gotcha. Still...first are fun in the world of smokin' Keep us in the loop on the final tasting.

Big George's BBQ
10-21-2018, 09:22 AM
Looking good Adams I know a person who sells this grills- really likes them

10-21-2018, 09:30 AM
Several hundreds. Did the math that’s a fish story. If I do one per month the last 10 years that would be 120. Now some months I did 2 some months I do one or possibly none when the brisket drought hit. Let’s go with hundred, not several :-))

10-21-2018, 10:09 AM
So you still have to fold the brisket even at 8 pounds?

10-21-2018, 10:18 AM
So you still have to fold the brisket even at 8 pounds?

Had to? No. Chose to? Yes.

I wanted it up off the hotspot right above burn pot.

This is 2:25 at 225*. Bumped to 275 just now. Will look again at 1100. If bark looks right, will wrap.

10-21-2018, 12:17 PM
4:20 minutes. About to wrap in butcher paper. No filter used on this shot.

10-21-2018, 12:36 PM
Wrapped. Dropped temp to 225, changed pans. Will check again in about two hours. Got my 3.5 urban hike in. Out of beer. PPP

10-21-2018, 01:59 PM
I think I can smell it from here. lol
Lookin' good Adams!

10-21-2018, 02:07 PM
Out of all your briskets, this one visually looks the best imo.

10-21-2018, 02:20 PM
Steak veggies and beer for lunch. Bride requested I cook some of those pre package blackened salmon for salmon patty,s

Hey I got beer. Let’s cook

Sid Post
10-21-2018, 02:29 PM
... So lots of firsts. Another first. Did y’all see the advertisement for the new Budweiser Amber aged I think in bourbon barrels? I’m not a bud fan, but this sounded interesting.
“I gots to know”

Tried a couple last night after an ugly day. Normally after a day that difficult, even a watered down tasting 'lite' beer would be good. Honestly, I won't buy any more of them. The flavor was not particularly good or bad to me, just average middle of the road if you will. Great marketing though!

A fresh Bud that isn't heat pasteurized (thanks Oklahoma for protecting me from beer that doesn't taste like an old 2x4 from Home Depot) has a nice rice sweetness that I find really nice on a hot day working outside.

I really like a nice lager, Pilsner or, dark beer. Jim Beam/Budweiser sort of missed the mark in my book. I might try a shot of Jim Beam in one of those when the urge to crack another hits and see if that's really what I had in mind when I bought these.

Sid Post
10-21-2018, 02:34 PM
Bud Chelada! Mmmm .... The Picante version is nice too! Discovered my affinity for this variety when I lived in Tucson, Az.

Is the Shiner Black Lager a Porter style beer? I'm not a fan of the Porter's I've tried but, I'm game to give in another go at some point in the future.

Sid Post
10-21-2018, 02:36 PM
4:20 minutes. About to wrap in butcher paper. No filter used on this shot.

Looks like you have a winner in the making! Can't wait to hear the final report and see the end result!


10-21-2018, 03:16 PM

10-21-2018, 05:57 PM
The beer. Fun once. Probably won’t buy more. The brisket. Excellent. Separated the point and flat. Cut point into chunks. Half the flat sliced half chopped—quite pleased with tasted and texture. Probed tender st 7.5 hours with Thermapen. These photos are without filters. Reminded me of lipstick

10-21-2018, 06:01 PM
Like i said earlier, your best brisket ive seen you post on this forum. Well done sir. Your long term Girlfriend must be proud.

10-21-2018, 06:04 PM
Looks fantabulous Adams.

10-21-2018, 06:10 PM
Great little brisket!

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10-21-2018, 06:24 PM
Solid work, Adams!

10-21-2018, 07:04 PM
Just hit a Try Tip with some Carne Crosta (cook in progress), I see some awesome Chili in your future, I've got to give it another month before Chili season. :grin:

10-21-2018, 08:05 PM
Solid cook Adams!

10-21-2018, 08:42 PM

10-21-2018, 08:50 PM
Looks awesome mr Adams

10-22-2018, 07:29 AM
Looks amazing!

10-22-2018, 07:46 AM
Great it’s all packaged up so you can send some my way. :-P. Nice work it looks great!

10-22-2018, 10:27 AM
looks great Adams!

I use one like this for a raised grate ...one more thing to clean, but doesn't interfere with airflow...looks like it would fit your DC perfectly.


10-22-2018, 11:25 AM
The brisket. Excellent.

The DC is hands down the best tiny cooker I've ever used.

10-22-2018, 11:37 AM
Fantastic cook! That lil pellet pooper sure does turn out a mighty fine brisket :)

Big N Hot
10-22-2018, 12:39 PM
I've gotta try that Jim Beam Budweiser

10-22-2018, 12:49 PM
I've gotta try that Jim Beam Budweiser

6.5% Alcohol

10-22-2018, 01:25 PM
Looks good.

Smoking Piney
10-22-2018, 01:58 PM
That brisket is money, Adams! :thumb:

10-22-2018, 09:49 PM
Now that’s nothing if not a successful cook. And the Shiner Black - you’re my kinda guy. It’s just a brew that works this time of year....

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10-22-2018, 10:01 PM
Looks awesome! Nice smoke ring :clap2: