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09-10-2018, 10:35 AM
Didn't get to do much grilling this weekend, but I did make a fantastic 20oz ribeye last night. Hit it with some finely ground sea salt and then a hearty coating of Oakridge BBQ Carne Crosta. I cooked it on the Primo XL using the cast iron grates and got a great crust, as you'd expect with CC. I probably could've gone about a minute less per side and still had the same crust, but oh well. It turned out really tasty...dragging the pieces of steak through the meat juices infused with CC...oh man.

I did the wings a couple nights ago, 3 sections with Oakridge BBQ Smokey Chile Lime and the other 3 with Habanero Death Dust. While the HDD wings were really good, nice and hot, it was the first time I tried Smokey Chile Lime on wings and it was fantastic...may be a new favorite for me. It made a really nice crust of seasoning on the wings, a little heat, a little sweat, and a little savory. Highly recommend any of these rubs. :clap2:

Thanks for looking!

A little cool in the air means it's time for fall beer

https://preview.ibb.co/kAGoZp/cc1.jpg (https://ibb.co/na8P79)

Set the grill to "nuclear"

https://preview.ibb.co/k9UWn9/cc2.jpg (https://ibb.co/cZFhup)

Cast iron grates always give me the best sear.

https://preview.ibb.co/i8ahup/cc3.jpg (https://ibb.co/k3K8Zp)

https://preview.ibb.co/fKboZp/cc4.jpg (https://ibb.co/edHHS9)

After I dragged it through some meatjuice

https://preview.ibb.co/gqExS9/cc5.jpg (https://ibb.co/i97HS9)

This was a two-plate meal.

https://preview.ibb.co/fCQRLU/cc6.jpg (https://ibb.co/kDM0fU)

https://preview.ibb.co/egbBn9/vortex.jpg (https://ibb.co/f5UmLU)

https://preview.ibb.co/mmkRLU/vortex2.jpg (https://ibb.co/iK98Zp)

https://preview.ibb.co/gmgoZp/vortex3.jpg (https://ibb.co/e5NHS9)

https://preview.ibb.co/b9Sj79/vortex4.jpg (https://ibb.co/kehHS9)

09-10-2018, 10:44 AM
Great looking cook, Neal. That sear looks awesome.

09-10-2018, 12:24 PM
I was betting that the chile lime would be good on wings. Great looking cook!

09-10-2018, 12:25 PM
Love CC, ribeye looks awesome. :thumb:

09-10-2018, 12:34 PM
Best looking ribeye i have seen in a long time

09-10-2018, 12:49 PM
I was betting that the chile lime would be good on wings. Great looking cook!

I was surprised just how much Iiked it....obviously Oakridge BBQ makes some good rubs but to take the #1 wing seasoning spot on the first try? This may require further research.

Big George's BBQ
09-10-2018, 03:45 PM
That looks excellent Love the color

09-10-2018, 03:56 PM

09-10-2018, 07:01 PM
That's some fine looking grub.

Smoking Piney
09-10-2018, 07:33 PM
I'd be all over both cooks.

Outstanding! :thumb:

09-10-2018, 09:59 PM
Ho. Li. Fuk.
I love it!

09-11-2018, 07:48 AM