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08-28-2018, 08:33 AM
Hey everyone,

So I'm in need of a new grill. I had the cheaper Weber Kettle and it finally bit the dust. I am thinking about getting a OK Joe Highland that way I could have a smaller smoker for when a need one also.

Two questions, First any thoughts on using this as a primary grill? Will the bottom hold up?

Second, would it be a good idea to like the bottom of the cooking chamber with firebrick to help save the bottom of it?


08-28-2018, 09:11 AM
I have a longhorn, I have only used it for Q and after two years the firebox has large sheets of rust flakes dislodging. For a grill you can do much better. Years ago I just used a little Hibachi when I just wanted to burn a couple of steaks for me and the warden.

08-28-2018, 10:23 AM
I also have a OK Joe. My box is also flaking rust and not sure how much longer it will last. I have used it alot during the last year. The biggest problem with the OK Joe is the steel is thin and it is hard to keep a constant temp with out constantly messing with the dampeners. Now I bought it knowing it was on the cheaper side but wanted to see if I would like smoking meat and using an offset. I found I liked it alot and so I have upgraded to a LSG 20"X42" offset. The OK Joe is great to learn on and cheap way to see if you really like smoking but dont expect it to last a long time.

smoke ninja
08-28-2018, 10:37 AM
I've had my longhorn for about 4 years. I often don't put the cover back on it. it shows some wear but is nowhere near rusted out and I bought it used from someone else

08-28-2018, 12:02 PM
I have used mine a few times for large cook outs. Like everyone else, has rust issues on the fire box. I also have a Weber Kettle that I always use for grilling ad sometimes smoking with a slow n sear.

Bobby "bolts"
08-28-2018, 06:45 PM
Imo your better off getting a 22" weber kettle or bigger if you want a tool that primarly grills but you can smoke with every once in a while.
I have a highland an a kettle. I only bust out the okj when i need the space it provides,or if im looking for something to do. Otherwise all my smaller smokes still go on the weber kettle....