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06-25-2018, 06:10 PM
OK - So my new vertical insulated smoker from Lone Star Grillz is on the way and I'm thinking about my set up. Yes, I have read *most* of that super long thread on their smokers. My questions are this:

1. What is the best briquette to use in smoker? I see a lot of people using KBB but am wondering about Webber Hard Wood or Royal Oak briquettes. Any recommendations?

2. Smoking in hotel pans. What's up with that? I've read from a few of you that you smoke in hotel pans. I get the ease of clean up (and like that idea) but doesn't that reduce the smoke profile? FYI - I'm planning on doing mostly brisket and b-back ribs. Any recommendations?

3. Water vs no water in the pan. Lots of conflicting info here. So I ordered the smoker with the heat diverter thinking this would give some of the benefits of water without excessive amounts. (Thinking it helps for the smoke ring penetration at the reduction/expense of bark formation - am I thinking of this right?) Other thing I contemplated was sand in the water pan to catch drippings then scoop out after the smoke?

Any and all advice appreciated. Feel free to send me to the appropriate string if these details are better covered elsewhere (I'm still learning my around here)

06-25-2018, 07:50 PM
Everything you asked is subjective. No wrong way really.

Any charcoal should work

Pans are ok if you use a small grate and lift the meat off the bottom

Water... with or without... both work. Water is best at lower temps. Sand is good but I'd foil over the sand to make cleanup easier.

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Kaptain Kadian
06-25-2018, 09:07 PM
I have cooked with every brand of briquettes that I can find in my lsg vertical cabinet and here is my favorite list. I like Weber briquettes the best, but are expensive, I then like royal oak briquettes then kbb. I like to buy the royal oak on sale around holidays and stock up on it. Weber briquettes are becoming difficult to find around here now too. I cook with water. Always have and probably always will. Don't know if it does any difference to the meat, but I have found that it helps stabilize temperatures and makes it easier to cool down if it gets too hot. I put 2 full sized foil pans on the bottom shelf to catch drippings. I don't cook in pans. The pans on the bottom shelf catch most of the drippings and are nice to pull out 1st before I slide a rack that has meat on it to keep drippings from hitting the firebox door and keeps sauce off of the firebox door when basting ribs.

06-26-2018, 07:24 AM
Thanks Kaptain & PJ! Totally helpful. Kaptain - I may give your recommendation a whirl for my first outing w the smoker and then go from there.