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06-06-2018, 12:01 PM
Feels like a fall day out, and the weather people say starting tomorrow, we're due for an extended stretch of stupid hot days. No thanks.

So, to take advantage of the nice weather, I fired up the ol' Weber to make lunch. And yes, it's wings.

Overnight marinade in store-brand balsamic viniagrette. Cooked indirectly over lump charcoal; a hunk of pecan made a guest appearance for a little smoke character.

A few pics:

20 minutes in and ready to flip:

After 40 minutes in, seared, and first coat of Frank's wing sauce applied:

Second coat of sauce applied, plated, and ready for devouring:

I was a little concerned at first that the wings were overdone/oversmoked, but they turned out very well. Light hint of pecan, crispy skin, juicy meat, and nicely hot/spicy.

Not a bad way to spend a morning.

06-06-2018, 12:54 PM
Nicely done, and great way to take advantage when the situation presents itself.

06-06-2018, 01:18 PM

06-06-2018, 01:36 PM
I'll have a plate and beer please.

06-06-2018, 02:11 PM
Good wings, good beer = great lunch.

Well done Brian.

06-06-2018, 05:08 PM
Great looking wings!