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06-06-2018, 07:26 AM
Haven't posted here in a while but looking for some insight on smoking pork butts. I've cooked a lot of these over the years. Pretty basic using different rubs, rarely inject or marinate.

I want to try something different, maybe with a Latin flare, Hawaiian, Caribbean or something like that. To achieve, does anyone have tips on rubs, injections or marinades that would get my butts to the next level?

My butts have all turned out great, whether it's naked (no sauce) or with sauce; just looking for something different.


06-06-2018, 08:02 AM
In my experience, its not how you cook the butt, but what you do with the leftovers that makes the huge taste difference.

Pulled pork tacos, chili, nachos, cuban sandwiches, etc all add dramatic taste differences.

I view pulled pork as the medium to hold lots of different types of flavor depending on the final dish.

06-06-2018, 08:05 AM
Goya and Badia make several marinades for pork that are very good. (Pineapple, Sour Orange, Criollo, Chipotle, and more)



I used to brine, and had good results. Then I started injecting which made the task easier and less clean up. I used Chris Lilly's Injection but found it to be salty to my tastes, I cut back to almost half the amount of salt and it is still good. last year I switched to OakRidge Game Changer Brine as my Injection and have nothing less than great results with it. The main reason for brining a pork butt isn't to add moisture because the pork butt has enough fat and connective tissue. The main reason I brine is for added flavors deep into the meat, added tenderness and added moisture are a byproduct of brining, as well as an improved texture.

I now, always use OakRidge Game Changer Brine as an injection. I Use fruit juice (Peach, Pear, Apple, or White Grape) for added flavors. For every 8 ounces of juice add 1 Tablespoon of OakRidge Game Changer Brine and then inject into the pork. I inject right through the cyro-packaging to save with cleanup, using different angles through the same hole to prevent leaking. I used to rub and let the pork sit overnight, but now I'll rub a few hours before smoking depending upon my time constraints.

When cooking injected pork butts I find the bone begins to wiggle at about 187, I pull and rest the pork in a cambro/cooler for 3 to 4 hours, and pull the pork just before serving. I find the OakRidge Game Changer Brine keeps the pork exceptionally tender, moist, flavorful, and it pulls in very long strands which is great for sandwiches or just on the plate.