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06-05-2018, 08:36 AM
So I found out yesterday that Traeger was doing a "Work Shop" later that evening in a town about 2 hours away. Diva Q was teaching the class so I figured it would be worth a shot, even if just for the grins and giggles. I'm a stickburner and have no real interest in pellet smokers, but I figured it would still be fun. Truth be told it was a pretty solid course and Diva Q had a lot of little tips and tricks that were useful.

Diva prepared all the food earlier in the day, but there was a demonstration on a fresh piece of meat. We started with a pizza which was really good, and then moved onto SRF Wagyu rib-eye...probably the best steak I have ever had in my life. Just unreal as it was prepared beautifully and Diva also used a smoked garlic and lemon compound butter to go with the steak.

Then the course got weird with a ~45 minute Traeger sales rep doing a sale pitch which was very odd because 95% of the people there already owned Traegers. They went on and on about how amazing the "Super Smoke" setting is on the Timberline model. This was funny because of all of the flak I've seen in the Timberline thread about the serious issues with soot and the fan turning off.

After the odd sales pitch we did did ribs and then a peach cobbler. Apparently the course is two nights with the first night being kind of a beginners course and the 2nd night being a bit more advanced going into pork shoulder and brisket. Unfortunately the 2nd night was sold out so I just attended the first one.

Overall it was a great experience and Diva Q was a lot of fun and answered any and all questions. Cost was $100 and not a bad deal for a good refresher and even a couple of new tips and tricks. Here's a list of the upcoming workshops in case anybody is interested.