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06-04-2018, 08:05 PM
Hey: you busy
Me: no- chilling with a few cold ones-whatís up
Hey: I just bought a 17# choice brisket
Me: awesome
Hey: how do I trim it, how do I Season it,what temp do I smoke it, fat cap up or down, water pan yes or no, wrap or no wrap, paper or foil, when should I wrap, when is it done.
Me: hold on brother itís just heat and meat- seriously H&M.
Hey: Iím using the BGE- give me the Cliff Note version- times an issue.

Me: Day drinking Shiner
Also Me:
Egg at 275* pecan-hickory-mesquite or Oak chunks blend them
Trim all yellow fat and hard knuckle fat
Season with 50/50 KS and CBP
Set deflector plates and place water pan
Set fat cap down on grate close lid

Hey: fat cap up or fat cap down?
Me:drinks beer- thought you wanted cliff notes?

Hey: got it so far, can you explain it in Temps?

Me: egg at 275*, wrap at 165*, remove and put in cooler at 203*
Hey: thatís all I really wanted- just the temps

Me: good luck
Also Me: another beer

06-04-2018, 08:15 PM
Haha yeah my buddy just got handed down a meadow creek from his dad.

He has never smoked a brisket so I’m just waiting for this call

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06-04-2018, 08:21 PM
At First I thought you meant you got the call that your Pellet Pooper had Shipped........:shock:

06-04-2018, 08:28 PM
I get these types of questions...except with regard to bass fishing. I've been a serious bass fisherman for at least 35 years and occasionally I get the "hey..you fish alot, I want to take my son to the lake, how do you catch a bass, what do you use...etc, etc...They want 30 years of experience in 2 paragraphs.:shock:

06-04-2018, 08:28 PM
I thought I was going to see a new Shirley.

Burnt at Both Endz
06-04-2018, 08:35 PM
I thought I was going to see a new Shirley.

I was sure we was gonna see a pic of something.

The Wookiee
06-04-2018, 09:41 PM
My wife and kids call these “bbq consults” - I do love a good bbq consult. Some padawans, however, never listen. They’ll let you feed them but you can’t teach them all to fish... some do get hooked, though. ;)

Then you get to eat their good eats...

06-05-2018, 12:44 AM
These are fun. I usually get them in text or group chats from people that have seen my pictures (most recent was 'how did you pull off that smoked/fried wings?) It's especially great when they follow your advice to favorable results.

06-05-2018, 06:10 AM
I love these. I get some on cooking advice and mostly on cooker advice. I like that he only wanted to hear what he wanted to hear. Those minor details are irrelevant, right?

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06-05-2018, 12:28 PM
I get calls or texts - “ Who has Ribs/Briskets on Sale? And when can you cook them for me......?”