View Full Version : First time rotisserie cook.

06-03-2018, 05:46 PM
I've never had a rotisserie until now. Sorry the pron is minimal. I worked all weekend and I'm beat down. I still found the energy to mount this bad boy and do an 8.5 pound hen. Combo of Owens BBQ spicy rub and Weber cracker pepper rub. Hickory wood with a small handful of cherry chips. I poked if with a paring knife and juice shot onto the kitchen counter. Oh yeeuh! Tasty.

06-03-2018, 05:53 PM
Rotisserie is an entire different level of cooking. Relax and enjoy the results, watch things revolve, enjoy a beverage, and take notes for the next time.
I use mine when I want to take time for myself with an excuse, which is why I tend to burn pure wood in my kettle when I use it.

06-03-2018, 06:23 PM
That's a good lookin' bird.

Hope its effects are restorative and that your evening is most relaxing.

06-03-2018, 07:37 PM
Chicken looks great. What rotisserie do you have? I’m looking at getting one myself.

06-03-2018, 07:39 PM

06-03-2018, 07:52 PM
Rotisserie yard bird is the best yard bird.

06-03-2018, 07:56 PM
Some fine color on that bird.

06-03-2018, 07:57 PM
Chicken looks great. What rotisserie do you have? I’m looking at getting one myself.
OneGrill HD universal. 13watt. I'm going to get some longer bolts and spacers tomorrow. It worked great but even with the heat shield the outside of the motor was very warm from sitting so close to the drum and I'm kinda leery of that.

Smoking Piney
06-03-2018, 09:54 PM
Roti birds are on my favorite list.

Yours looks great! :thumb:

06-04-2018, 02:40 AM
If thats your first then you hit the jackpot. All rotiss motors get hot. I wouldn't worry about it. Ok, if it melts you might want to check why !

06-04-2018, 04:49 AM
Looks good from here, if your worried about the moter just sheild it with alfoil.
Roti stuff is awefully good at self basting, :thumb:

06-04-2018, 09:55 AM
I bet that skin is crispy.....BEAUTIFUL!

06-04-2018, 12:00 PM
Great looking chicken....nice job!

06-04-2018, 01:34 PM
Very pretty bird.