View Full Version : Creekstone prime brisket first time :)

06-01-2018, 04:46 AM
Going to be cooking this at a friends tomorrow(moved from Sunday due to weather) that has a custom made Maxey water smoker that he refurbished recently. He used to cook in the Big Pig Jig in Vienna Ga. Anyway, it's re-seasoned, ready to go and easily held temps at 275 on bottom rack and 265 on top during the re-seasoning process. I was wondering if there are any suggestions on cooking it differently than a Choice grade??

The usual plan would be to cook for 5-6 hours in the smoke, wrap in butcher paper for 2-3 hours checking after 2 hours for probe tender in the thickest part of the flat. I am considering removing the point before the wrap so it could cook on after the flat is done. I was thinking the point being prime would need more rendering.

Any suggestions are welcome. Going to be a big cook that includes 4 butts, 12 chicken halves and 5 St. Louis racks. Thank you. (https://plus.google.com/114963027640828014276/posts/g6yens4qTrY)
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