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03-17-2018, 11:16 AM
Bride requested “pretty” thighs. Trimmed them up with shears and sat them in about 3/4” of a garlic powder/H2O mixture. Drizzled and rubbed top of thighs with evoo and then hit with Sucklebusters Hog Waller. Meat #2 is a custom Venison Sausage.

Chicken was covered and back into fridge since 0800. MSU in progress.

To be continued:

03-17-2018, 12:19 PM
Roasting a poblano and going to stuff with MSU avocado humus for one side

03-17-2018, 12:43 PM
Pig approves of poblano stuffed with avocado humus. It shall be

03-17-2018, 01:08 PM
Added a fatty and a roasting garlic cloves with evoo and Himalayan Salt/Hungarian Paprika for the avocado humus.

Bob C Cue
03-17-2018, 01:22 PM
2 meat cook, or not 2 meat cook, that is the question...

Looking good!

03-17-2018, 02:42 PM
The End.

03-17-2018, 03:16 PM
Poblano was really good

Smoking Piney
03-17-2018, 03:19 PM
Yes Sir!

03-17-2018, 03:23 PM
The end looks mighty fine Adams!

03-17-2018, 03:26 PM
nailed it

Mason Dixon Bowhunta
03-17-2018, 04:24 PM
Wow! Looks fantastic!

03-17-2018, 06:26 PM
Wow! looks really really good.

03-17-2018, 06:48 PM
Darn Adams you did it again. I really like what you did with that 🐓!!!

03-17-2018, 07:34 PM
Darn Adams you did it again. I really like what you did with that 🐓!!!

Thank You- the beauty is in the colorful simplicity. When you go with red greens yellow and purple it pops.


03-17-2018, 10:58 PM
Mighty fine eats Adams!

03-17-2018, 11:33 PM
That BP shot is perfection

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03-18-2018, 05:32 AM
Great looking meal!

03-18-2018, 07:23 AM
Have to give kudos to the PrimoOXL. It doesn’t get much love here, nor much anywhere but it is a rock solid versatile cooker. Lots of real estate, quick recovery if/when you raise lid. I used a three wood blend of chunks on lump with a lit mini Weber chimney of shaken coals from the Tiernan SOB.

POXL sits in a stainless cart. I’ve no idea what this combo costs retail. I was fortunate to get mine at a a John Henry Primo cooking class. The Oval design is what impresses me. I bought my son The Vision my friends and family all have BGE’s. Most of theirs sit on the patio like artwork, mine is a workhorse. Seriously, they eat out at restaurants more in 3 weeks than I will in 6 months. Sad

PS: see the cracked firebox?? Been that way a couple years now.

Big George's BBQ
03-18-2018, 08:12 AM
YUM I want some of that