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03-16-2018, 07:35 PM
On our trip back from Georgia we overnighted in Roanoke. Had lunch at a Cuban restaurant and the wife raved about the Vaca Frita, so I thought I’d give it a try. Decided I’d mix it up a little and make tacos.

Started with 1.6 lbs of flank steak, cut into quarters and put into the IP with 2 cups Chardonnay, 2 cups water, a bell pepper, a large white onion, and three cloves garlic. Cooked on high for 25 minutes. Pulled from the pot, shredded, and fried till lightly toasted in some canola oil.

Put the beef in the oven, sautéed some onions and mixed with the beef. Warmed the corn tortillas on the flame, and served with radish slices, tomato, queso fresco, salsa verde, black beans, avocado, and rice.

Will definitely do this again, but will sear the beef first with some salt, pepper, and cumin, before putting in the IP for 40 minutes next time as it was a little tough.

03-16-2018, 07:42 PM
Pass that plate please.

03-16-2018, 07:44 PM
Looks good from here, Good idea on pre searing I think

03-16-2018, 08:01 PM
Sounds real good!

03-17-2018, 02:53 AM
That is a fine looking plate.

Big George's BBQ
03-17-2018, 09:14 AM
I would like a plate of that please

Smoking Piney
03-17-2018, 03:12 PM
That's money!