View Full Version : Beans, they’re not just for breakfast- but can be

03-14-2018, 08:32 AM
Bean, they are magical
Deer sausage,pico and pintos.


03-14-2018, 12:56 PM
right on!

03-14-2018, 01:02 PM
Looks great, beans and eggs are part of my regular rotation and occasionally a couple of slices of fatty becomes part of the deal. I find a high protein, high fiber and complex carb meal seems to stick with me.

03-14-2018, 09:20 PM
Heck yeah! :cool:

Smoke on Badger Mountain
03-14-2018, 09:22 PM

03-14-2018, 11:24 PM
No offence, but i have never heard of beans for breakfast.

03-15-2018, 01:23 AM
I have never understood why beans are not used for breakfast more often. That plate looks great !

03-15-2018, 03:32 AM
I love refried beans with jalapeno and cheese with over easy eggs on top

03-15-2018, 09:50 AM
One of my regular breakfast meals in a Bean, Cheese, and Bacon taco. Looks good to me!

Big George's BBQ
03-15-2018, 10:27 AM
I would be happy to eat that

03-15-2018, 12:07 PM
Every time I make chili, some gets eaten for breakfast. Great way to start the day.

03-15-2018, 12:33 PM
My dad did some baked beans yesterday with bacon, bratwurst, and some other goodies in them. Dang they turned out good!

03-15-2018, 12:45 PM
And I thought they belong in chili, nice meal Adams.

03-15-2018, 01:01 PM
Refried beans are common around here for breakfast. Machaca, huevos rancheros, picadillo, chilaquiles, etc all have a nice side of cheese topped beans. Had lots of bean burritos with egg, and pico for breakfast. Sometimes chopped baloney or hot dogs were added. Very hearty and stick to your ribs type food for the start of the day.

Plus, all of the burrito joints that serve up breakfast burritos, offer beans too. Good stuff!
I'd hit that!


03-15-2018, 01:53 PM
Brings back memories.... Could always tell when it was liberty in the Navy, beans for breakfast. lol

03-15-2018, 02:03 PM
I was really Blessed this year. A few friends and family who harvested a tad more than they could eat, filled my freezers. Elk, deer, wild hog along with my normal stash of beef pork and salmon- and green chile.

Here is a cook I’m looking forward too in the near future. Chicken fried elk backstrap with green chile gravy. Be a while. Winds to 50mph next several days with single digit humidity and zero to negative dew points. I want to cook it over coals with cast iron skillet. It’ll happen- eventually. Forgot- another friend gifted me 8 pheasant and 8 chuckar from a Kansas guide hunt

03-15-2018, 04:21 PM
Great breakfast, 16Adams. The English are fond of baked beans in their breakfasts. Hey, perhaps you are descended from royalty!

Smoking Piney
03-15-2018, 05:43 PM
Pintos, eggs, and a nice slice of cured ham......breakfast of champions. :-D