View Full Version : Cookin' at the HLSR pr0n

03-13-2018, 08:22 AM
So even though I don't get to cook during the world championship BBQ cookoff, I still get to cook for my rodeo committee team once a week. Haven't posted much here lately, but I'm still out there cookin'! Brought out my brand new Fireboard; first time I've used the thing. Really happy with the way it works. The old gauges on the pit are anywhere from 75 to 100+ off. :shocked: Cook was 26# of country style pork ribs.

Here's what I'm working with.


I'm using a binder clip to route the thermacouple wires through the door so they don't get cut. It's not my pit and I don't think the owner would appreciate additional holes.


Cooking pretty much only on the right side of the pit. This isn't a reverse flow pit, so it's pretty hot on the firebox side


So I put in two probes, one in the center of the pit, one at the far right end. Oddly enough, the one at the far right was ~50 hotter (!) on average than the center. The exhaust is below grate level, so I'm guessing this is because the hot air from the top has to dip down to exit the pit. So, now I know the coolest spot is in the middle of the pit, and both of the ends are hot.