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12-16-2017, 04:41 PM
Ok I know I will get slammed but to good to pass up. In Home Depot seen an electric bullet smoker holds 50 lbs for 25.00 regular price of 79.00 so figured I would give it a try. Used apple wood chips and did a whole chicken for first run. The chicken was smoked flavor perfectly and juicy just not as dark as kettle grill. It set right at 225 for 4 hours according to my oven thermometer which I cooked to 165 internal temp which was considerably longer than kettle. I am today doing a pork butt which temp is 225 and smoking for last 4 hours. The internal temp is coming along at 150 at this time so still have away to go. Again not dark and I am putting chips in hourly. I love my Kettle over this smoker but this is so much less work with less watching so I think I will keep it for when no charcoal. See wife got ill last year and needs constant care so it is hard to smoke foods as I don't have time to do my normal tried and true methods with charcoal hence buying an electric which I would have stated that you can't get smoked meat with electric smoker just oven roasted with smoked flavor. I have been proven wrong with this smoker. Now if meat will get darker and have that smoke ring. Anyhow this is my review of the Masterbuilt Bullet Smoker.

12-16-2017, 04:48 PM
Heck, for $25 it's worth it if just for the entertainment value of cooking on something new. Sounds like a great deal for you!

Sorry about your bride. I have been a caretaker in the past and I know how much it takes.

12-16-2017, 04:57 PM
Sorry to hear about your wife. Glad you are enjoying the smoker. There are times (for some, a lot of them) where convenience outweighs other things.

At some point you might want to consider a pellet grill. Even cheap ones are going to be quite a bit more than $25 though

12-16-2017, 05:13 PM
I seen Masterbuilt Electric Cabinet smokers on Clearance for $70 at Walmart the other day.......I've knocked out some Pretty Decent Q and got Smoke Rings (which doesn't have much to do with Smoke - https://amazingribs.com/more-technique-and-science/more-cooking-science/mythbusting-smoke-ring-no-smoke-necessary ) in my Masterbuilt Electric.

Kanco Connection
12-16-2017, 05:18 PM
Nothin wrong with what you're doing, Tiger. Family first. I made some good stuff on my old electric. I was proud of it, and it got me hooked. Enjoy that thing!

12-16-2017, 05:46 PM
Great price and I say as long as you enjoy the food and process them that's all that matters.

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12-16-2017, 06:04 PM
Great deal. Have fun with it.

Sorry your wife is ill. Prayers for your wife.

Monte Cristo
12-17-2017, 01:02 PM
Enjoy what you can, when you can. Sorry about the wife. I’ll think positive thoughts for y’all.

12-17-2017, 02:04 PM
It don't matter what you ride, as long as you get yourself in the wind. Congrats!