View Full Version : Advice for UK newbie - cooking time for pulled Pork

12-15-2017, 09:25 AM

I'm a smoking newbie from the UK. I just built myself a UDS and i've got some friends coming over for a Xmas party this weekend and i've decided its a BBQ xmas party.

Anyway, i have a 22lb whole shoulder of pork that i want to smoke on the UDS, but being a novice, i don't know how long it will take. My test smokes have shown the UDS holds about 240F fairly solidly.

Is there a 'rule of thumb' for cooking times for Pork shoulder so i can get it on the smoker early enough?


Steve S
12-15-2017, 10:12 AM
I havent cooked a whole shoulder, but I would think 22 lbs at 240 is going to be an overnight cook, maybe 12-14 hrs. If I were in that position, I would probably cut it into 2 pieces to cut down the cook time.

12-15-2017, 10:14 AM
I think Steve is right. With more meat surface exposed you should get more smoke flavor too. I've had trouble getting enough smoke for my tastes in pork shoulder.

boomers bbq
12-15-2017, 12:14 PM
I would second what Steve said.
Good luck on the cook, post pictures too.

12-15-2017, 01:00 PM
Even cut in half it’ll still be 8-10 possibly 12 hr cook.

Smoking Piney
12-15-2017, 01:34 PM
Even cut in half itíll still be 8-10 possibly 12 hr cook.


I would go with a 12 hour time frame. If it gets done earlier, you can wrap it in foil, wrap a towel around the foil, and put it in a cooler. It will stay piping hot for several hours that way with no loss of flavor or texture.

Always better to get done early and hold than to be late with hungry guests.

12-15-2017, 03:25 PM
Cut it in Half and run 300*F and be done in 6-7 hours.

12-15-2017, 03:51 PM
I agree with Steve and Smitty, and run it at least 275.
Cut the skin off if there is any.

12-15-2017, 04:14 PM
Definitely cut it in half. The bark is the best part of pulled pork and will allow for more smoke flavor. If it were me doing the cook I would put it on around 10 or 11 the night before, run at low temp 230+\- 10*, probably get done (probe tender) maybe around 11 or 12 the next day. Wrap tight in double layer of foil and then into a cooler packed with towels until the guests arive. Pull it when ready to eat and it will still be piping hot.

12-15-2017, 08:44 PM
Rule of thumb for a Boston butt (which over here is 1/2 a pork shoulder, typically 6-10 lbs) is 1.5 hours per pound at 200-225 degrees Fahrenheit.

I recommend you stick to 225 deg if possible, but 240 will work also if that's where your smoker stabilizes. Definitely cut in half; in fact, I've read many recommendations to cut just the butt in half for more bark and lower cooking time, which for your whole shoulder would mean you could cut into four equal size pieces.

Cook until the internal temp hits 205 deg F, as that will cause the fat, collagen, etc. to render and self baste the meat. Amazingribs.com has a good process description for pulled pork and great recipes for the rub, as well as the sauce and Cole slaw you should serve with it (at least for East North Carolina style, which is what I do). I cooked 3 butts Wed night for my coworkers using the recipes and they turned out great.

Glad to hear from someone in Reading -- we spent 5 years in Sunninghill a few years back and I had one of my woodburning pits with me!