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12-07-2017, 01:30 AM
Please need some help. Iíve just received my new Thermaq WiFi and it looks great. BUT trying to set this thing up is killing me. Iíve managed to enter the WiFi settings and itís now showing the temps. Iíve d/loaded the thermaq app and canít get the unit to pair with the app.

The instructions that Iíve found are so vague that itís ridiculous. Has Anyone managed to to get it to work with their iPad. Any help will be much appreciated.

12-07-2017, 07:27 AM
Well I sent them an email last night and this is their reply:

Good morning,

Thank you for your email.

The current available ThermaQ App is only compatible with our Bluetooth products, hence why you are unable to find the WiFi settings.

The new version of the ThermaQ App has been developed for our ThermaQ WiFi range too, however it is not due to be released until the 08/12/2017. Luckily this is tomorrow, so if you check the app store tomorrow afternoon, there should be an available update. All the instructions for the ThermaQ WiFi have been built into this new version.

The ThermaQ WiFi range is also due to be released tomorrow, however your order has slipped through our net, consequently you receiving your order 2 days early.

Please accept my apologies for the mix up.

Kind regards,

Ross Adams
Technical Sales.

12-31-2017, 05:44 PM
Just an update for those interested about the ThermaQ WiFi ( not the smoke gateway or Bluetooth version)

This is an email I sent to ETI in the UK ( this is my first so called review ever)

I thought that you would like some feed back on the thermaQ WiFi.

First off itís a great piece of kit really well built and up to the task of temp monitoring.

When taking out the box and installing the batteries. It was a struggle to turn it on as there is no on/off button only a start button. I had to do an internet search and came across some quick setup guides which stated you have to hold start button 5 seconds to turn it on.

After d/loading the app it was very easy and straightforward to pair the device with the app and my home router.
The app itself takes a little getting used as I had to play with the app to find my way around it and understand it. This took about 40 minutes or so. But the more I used it the easier it became.

Whilst using it to monitor my pit and meat I also used another product for the same thing and the temps where within 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit of each other. Once the pit was up to temp all temps between the 2 monitoring devices where the same.

While using the ThermaQ WiFi after about 2 hours in I saw that the temp on my iPhone app and the unit itself was way out in that they were showing two different temps. This turned out to be that the ThermaqQ WiFi unit had lost connection and was not transmitting. I had to push the start button until the cloud and WiFi signal was showing and showed that it was transmitting again. I had to do this numerous times.

Iím not sure wether this was because the iPhone had timed out and reverted to a locked screen and this caused the loss in connection between the app and the unit. Sometimes when I had to reopen the app I had to force the unit to sync the temps with the app by once again pushing the start button until send data was displayed. On occasion I had to do this repeatedly as it would not send the data.

Only then would this sync the temp with the unit and the app.
The other device I was using did not lose the signal once and they where side by side on the same table next to the smoker.

All in all a great piece of kit that Iím happy to have purchased. Hopefully ETI will fix this issue as to the loss of connection.
Does the app run in the background when the iPhone is in the locked position?
Also the quick start guide should include how to turn the unit on & off.
It would also be good if unit came with preset temps for cooking different types of meat as many of the other units out there have.